Gain the upper hand.

With an innovative, cleaner, industry-leading extraction process, our products are targeting a superior corner of the cannabis market. Pure and potent oil is our goal, without all of the extra additives and chemicals. Our potent cannabis oil is the cornerstone of our FLI branded bulk oil, edibles, and extra cannabis related accessories.

FLÏ Edibles

Using our premium tasteless and odorless cannabis oils, our FLI edibles have been researched and developed to provide the best consumer experience. By manufacturing consistent batches of oil with a standardized amount of THC, each edible ensures a consistent and safe user experience.

Using various taste profiles, textures, and other innovative additions, FLI edibles are striving to be creative and consistent in the cannabis edibles market. Our premium product line of FLI edibles currently includes chocolate, truffles, gummies, and more.

FLÏ Concentrate

We also offer our premium FLI cannabis oils in other consumption forms such as shatter, oral syringes, and vape pen cartridges.

Our tasteless and odorless formula with high potency provides a great user experience. Specifically, our cannabis oil vape cartridges are great for use in vape pens to provide a quality user experience AND reduce any negative stigma around the user (no harsh smell!).

Cannabis Oil

Our high quality, pure cannabis oil distillate is produced at our Pueblo facility using short path distillation technology; our premium oils have no cannabis taste and little to no smell. This potent, clean oil is the perfect additive for edibles to maintain the original taste and consistency of the snack product. Our cornerstone oils are branded under our flagship FLI line.