Oil Advantage

Gain the upper hand.

High THC Level

Pesticide Free


Made in Colorado

Production Capabilities

The equipment that is currently in place at our facility, our team has the capacity to produce 40 kilograms of distillate per month. This distillate is high-potency cannabis and is being produced via the short path distillation process – resulting in a cleaner and more pure oil.


In terms of further product creation, our 15,000 square foot Palo Verde facility is outfitted with a full-sized industrial kitchen to manufacture edibles as well as additional equipment to process, fill, and package vape pen cartridges.

 High Potency THC

Compared to industry standard results, our extraction process creates a purer and cleaner oil. Many harmful additives that other companies use to extract cannabis oil are NOT used in our process or are cleaned from the oil prior to its final stage of production and sale. Our final oil remains solvent and pesticide free.

Extraction Process

Our extraction process is where the real distinction between our product and our competitors’ emerges. We’re currently utilizing short-path distillation technology that produces a pure, potent, cleaner oil versus other methods of extraction being used in the industry today.

First and foremost, short-path distillation employs a processing method using ethyl alcohol as a solvent. This is much less volatile and safer for human consumption when compared to other solvents. Instead of employing a one-step distillation process like many currently are using, our final oil remains solvent free and pesticide free.

Approved by Denver Public Health & Environment.

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Other benefits of the short-path distillation method include:

  • processing up to 50 pounds of trim and shake per day
  • providing a slightly higher processing capability as the mechanical separation of the process enables pre-extraction of cannabinoids – which, in turn, increases the overall throughput
  • customizable modifications to fit client specifications
  • An industrial scaled operation with the use of a VTA machine
  • Ability to separate chlorophyll from the final product
  • Ability to isolate and reintegrate terpenes into the final product depending on client preference