Our Approach

Our team is striving for large-scale operations that are consistently pure, potent, and clean for the user. With a professional business mentality, our team is ready to quickly become a cornerstone of the premium cannabis oils and edibles market in the United States.

Colorado Licensed Marijuana Producer

Our Pueblo facility obtains a retail marijuana license as a retail marijuana products manufacturing facility. 

Pueblo Facility

Located in Colorado (home to a booming cannabis industry), our Pueblo facility and surrounding property is currently fully operational. First and foremost, our Palo Verde extraction facility takes up about 20% of the current property in Pueblo. Filled with industry leading purification and extraction equipment, and knowledgeable extraction experts, we’re ramping up operations to manufacture bulk amounts of FLI cannabis oil and edibles.

The installation of commercial kitchen equipment within the Palo Verde facility allows us to produce large amounts of consistent edibles products. Commercial kitchen equipment also permits us to develop edibles products on a semi-automated basis with a long shelf life.

In our strategic planning, Palo Verde’s surrounding property can be used for future indoor greenhouse growth projects. The Pueblo property also has two warehouses – designated for cultivation in the future, which can house state-of-the-art indoor automated hydroponic grows. This would provide Palo Verde with a steady supply of trim and shake of consistent quality and desired attributes.

The decision to launch our flagship FLI cannabis oils and edibles line in Colorado followed the state’s decision to fully legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana use. Today, Colorado’s cannabis industry is booming, and we’re ready to establish ourselves as a part of the foundation of the country’s current and future cannabis opportunities.

Palo Verde Team

David Johnson – Owner

David Johnson is currently affiliated with several emerging companies and has an extensive domestic corporate, international corporate, and entrepreneurial background.

Johnson’s skills span a wide range of industries and sectors including: executive, corporate development, strategic planning and financial and management capacities both with domestic non-profit companies and with domestic and international for-profit companies in consumer products, telecommunications, medical services, renewable energy, venture capital, oil and gas, refining, natural resource and cannabis sectors.

Vincent Morrison – Production Manager

Vincent Morrison graduated from SIUE with a degree in Chemistry. Morrison worked for a large biotech company for several years before moving to Colorado and entering the cannabis industry.

Since relocating, Morrison has worked for both cannabis and hemp grows with a focus on extraction technology. To date, he has managed multiple Quality Assurance labs as well as Extraction labs.

Justin Torkildson – Head Extractor

Justin Torkildson has 8 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Initially, Torkildson began in California where he learned about the medical benefits of cannabis and various extraction methods.

Torkildson has since moved to Colorado due to it being better regulated and the recent industry boom. With 4 years of experience in Colorado, Torkildson has worked for a number of different industry leading extraction facilities focusing on the study of cannabis oil medical benefits.

Kristina Sells – Facility Manager

Kristina Sells has worked in the Cannabis Industry since 2008. Initially, Sells began as a patient coordinator for Colorado Medical Marijuana and Grassroots in Denver, CO.

At the time, Sells simultaneously owned and operated New Mexico Green Light in Aztec, NM, also as a patient coordinator until her move to Pueblo West in 2014. Since her relocation, Sells has helped build and manage a Dispensary and a Cultivation and is now on board our MIPS Company Palo Verde, as Facility Manager.